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Coronavirus guidance

Guidance to support primary care prescribers and pharmacists is available from the MLCSU Coronavirus guidance resource page. Links are provided to national resources and regional documents produced by MLCSU, RDTC, and SPS for use by Pan Mersey APC, LSCMMG, and GMMMG.

The list of resources will be updated as new material becomes available so please check back regularly for updates.

The Pan Mersey APC supports the use of COVID-specific guidance issued by NICE, and NHS England and NHS Improvement. During the COVID pandemic this will supersede any APC advice. In the absence of any COVID-specific advice then the usual Pan Mersey guidance and RAG rating will still apply unless otherwise indicated.

Medicines Safety Assurance Tool

The Medicines Safety Assurance Tool (MSAT) is provided as a PDF document for reference. To request the spreadsheet solution of this safety tool, or for more information about this tool, to make a comment, or share a safety issue please contact

The MSAT was developed to improve the management of medicines related risk to patients. It is intended to provide commissioners with a systematic way of identifying and analysing emerging medicines safety issues and engage with providers to reduce medicines related harm.


Date Added: 27 - Jun - 2018

The Pan Mersey Area Prescribing Committee recommends:

  • All specialities, including haematology, should prescribe the methotrexate dose in multiples of 2.5mg tablets and the total dose in milligrams must also be included. For example, “Three 2.5mg tablets (7.5 milligrams)”;
  • Methotrexate 10mg tablets MUST NOT be prescribed or supplied;
  • Prescription and the dispensing label must clearly show the dose in milligram and the number of tablets to be taken and the frequency as “ONCE a week on the same day each week”;
  • prescribing of methotrexate with co-trimoxazole or trimethoprim is an ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATION and MUST NOT occur under any circumstances*. This contraindication applies to people that have recently taken methotrexate.