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This section contains a list of the policy recommendations of the Pan Mersey Area Prescribing Committee.

Reviews of the new medicines have been conducted by our pharmacists using a number of resources including National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) which is a Special health Authority (SHA) set up in 1999. It is used to give advice to the NHS on best clinical practice including the clinical and cost effectiveness of drugs and other treatments.

Definitions and Criteria for Categorisation of Medicines


Amber retained
MELATONIN modified release tablets 2mg (Circadin®) ‘off – label’ use in Adults
Date Posted: 12 - Mar - 2013
Body System: Nervous system
MELATONIN prolonged-release tablets (Slenyto®) for the treatment of insomnia in children
Date Posted: 11 - Apr - 2019
Body System: Nervous system
MELATONIN tablets 3 mg and oral solution 1 mg/ml for jet-lag
Date Posted: 02 - Jul - 2019
Body System: Nervous system
Date Posted: 14 - Nov - 2017
Body System: Immune system
Amber initiated
MESALAZINE oral formulations
Date Posted: 28 - Feb - 2018
Body System: Gastro-intestinal system
Amber retained
METHADONE tablets (Physeptone®)
Date Posted: 30 - Nov - 2018
Body System: Nervous system
MIRABEGRON prolonged-release tablets (Betmiga®▼)
Date Posted: 10 - Jul - 2013
Body System: Genito-urinary system