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This section contains a list of the policy recommendations of the Pan Mersey Area Prescribing Committee.

Reviews of the new medicines have been conducted by our pharmacists using a number of resources including National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) which is a Special health Authority (SHA) set up in 1999. It is used to give advice to the NHS on best clinical practice including the clinical and cost effectiveness of drugs and other treatments.

Definitions and Criteria for Categorisation of Medicines

Coronavirus guidance

Guidance to support primary care prescribers and pharmacists is available from the MLCSU Coronavirus guidance resource page. Links are provided to national resources and regional documents produced by MLCSU, RDTC, and SPS for use by Pan Mersey APC, LSCMMG, and GMMMG.

The list of resources will be updated as new material becomes available so please check back regularly for updates.

The Pan Mersey APC supports the use of COVID-specific guidance issued by NICE, and NHS England and NHS Improvement. During the COVID pandemic this will supersede any APC advice.


Date Added: 31 - Jul - 2019

The Pan Mersey Area Prescribing Committee recommends the prescribing on the NHS of flash glucose monitor sensors (FreeStyle Libre®) only within the criteria outlined.

These templates should be used by Pan Mersey organisations for incorporation into their specialist diabetes service clinic documentation that informs primary care prescriber that Freestyle Libre prescribing has been initiated in an individual patient according to the agreed criteria in the Pan Mersey statement, when confirming to primary care prescriber whether the patient has met continuation criteria after review, and into patient information/ contract documentation given to each patient on commencement of prescribing. There is also a template for use by a specialist when informing primary care prescribers that an individual has been switched to Freestyle Libre 2.

Background information is provided to support primary care prescribers in switching existing Freestyle Libre users to Freestyle Libre 2.

Initiation Criteria

Continuation Criteria

Primary Care Information

Patient Contract

Switch to Freestyle Libre 2

FreeStyle Libre 2 - Background Information for Prescribers

Body System:
Date Added: 30 - Jan - 2020

The Pan Mersey Area Prescribing Committee recommends the prescribing of FreeStyle Optium® blood glucose and FreeStyle Optium® ß-ketone test strips only for use with FreeStyle Libre® specifically in patients who are using carbohydrate counting/ bolus advice.

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